What I’m Reading Now & Updates

Hey, everyone!

It’s been hard to blog without a laptop. I’m able to borrow my fiance’s laptop when he’s home but most of the blogging hours that I have available are when he’s at work, so that’s kind of a bummer.

(I don’t have a washi tape problem, I swear)

I haven’t finished a book since I finished Fuck Love, not for lack of trying but more for lack of time and lots of chores to fill the empty spaces. I’m still working on Seven Black Diamonds and so far I’m not as impressed with it like I was with Wicked Lovely. There’s definitely trademark Melissa Marr signatures throughout the book but I think I lean more towards books that focus on different elemental courts than Unseelie and Seelie based stories. SBD is definitely not a bad novel but I think I prefer her other works – based on characters, plot, and setting. I have started listening to The Raven Boys and I’m starting to really love it. At first, I thought it was tediously slow and there wasn’t enough happening but I’m about halfway through and I’ve realized that the reason I fell in love with the Shiver series, by the same author, was because she spent so much time getting her readers to fall in love with the characters before she can let the plot take hold of our fragile hearts. I ordered some Lush products and I’m patiently waiting for the so I can take a couple 4 hour baths and get some quality reading time in.

In the picture above, my secret santa gift from one of my best friends, a book on my TBR, & my favorite items from the January OwlCrate. In the picture below, my puppy helping me unbox my first book subscription. 

In other news:

  • My custom Drarry candle (from Seven Hearts Wax Co) came in and it’s amazing. Long live my problematic ships. I think you could replace every ounce of my personality and some deep, dark abyss inside my soul would still be like “Uh, sorry. Harry and Draco belong together”
  • I made an appointment to get an addition to my quarter sleeve. It’s actually based on Greer and a quote from Fuck Love: “Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it”. I’m excited to keep adding to my Bookish Arm (I named it that, don’t judge me). I’m thinking after this one I’ll get something based on ToG but I haven’t decided what that will be yet.
  • I’m starting to watch YouTube tutorials and take notes about my camera. It is increasingly frustrating for me to pick up a new project and not understand any of it.
  • I started a reading group with my sister and one of our old friends. The book is called Young Wives Club and it’s based in the South; the three of us are either married or engaged so I decided to peer pressure them into starting our book club, The Young Wives, so that I can have humans in my general vicinity to discuss books with.
  • I found a group on Facebook (bless social media and all the ways that they help introverts decide how much interaction to get in a day) called Novel Book Exchange AND ITS LIKE A PEN PAL SYSTEM BUT WE SEND BOOKS AND FUN THINGS. I really like my pen pal, Amber, and I’m sending out her first box this week.
  • Jason ordered me the February Fairy Loot box! Oh my gosh, it was so cute. I told him a month ago that I was thinking about it since there’s an exclusive Manon/Dorian item that I’m dying for. He told me to go ahead and get it but we didn’t have a whole lot of money so I put it off. My in-laws had gotten me the January Owl Crate and I loved it. When he asked me if I had ordered it I said no, I didn’t want to because of finances and he ordered it for me! He’s the person who introduced me to audio-books but he’s never been into physical reading – so, it was such a compassionate, sweet gesture. I absolutely melted.
  • I finally found floral leggings. Syles for Less! I love floral leggings, I feel like they balance out my tattoos and the massive amounts of dark colors that I wear.


I’ll hopefully talk to you guys later this week! What is everyone reading? Any book recommendations, graphic novel recommendations, crime show recommendations?

Oh, and before I forget – I started an instagram solely for book related things. The handle is @_bookwitchblog so if you’d like to stay updated and in contact on social media, that’s where to find me!

Carry on,

The Book Witch

My outfits and makeup from yesterday – the top is during a friend’s birthday outing & bar hopping with my fiancé. I called it “hipster Manon”. Then there’s what I look like at work, complete with pigtails and my mean mug. 


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