Book Witch Reviews – F*ck Love (Tarryn Fisher) 


Overall: 9.5/ 10 

Plot: I absolutely devoured this book. It’s the first Tarryn Fisher novel that I’ve read and it’s the first contemporary romance that I have gotten around to reading in a while. The book starts off as a trip, the hallucination kind, and I honestly had no idea what was going on; and then, the story unfolded and I was hooked. I couldn’t put this thing down. It’s a little sad, not going to lie, and it made me pretty emotional. The only reason that I docked half a point was the heavy theme of babies, only on the premise that I felt it was a little overused. I really enjoyed the way Tarryn used descriptions of people and places. (Can I call her Tarryn? I feel like we’re friends now) It’s a hard book to not fall into head-first because she made such a vivid, descriptive setting. I loved how she said that certain places were like “magic” because I’ve been to other cities that I’ve been convinced there were lines of unexplainable energies running underneath them. I felt like I was walking alongside Helena – leaving our footprints on top of the thousands of others before us. I was driving through old neighborhoods last night, places that I’ve previously been to, and I swear that I felt my legs tingle because I recognized that I had left pieces of myself in those streets. That’s how I felt when I read Fuck Love, like she was leaving pieces of the main character in each chapter. 

Characters: I loved Helena. She’s extremely relateable, very funny, and showed very human emotions. Sometimes I think authors forget that depression is real and should be talked about more than it is. Tarryn didn’t forget, Tarryn never forgets the wide range of emotion that human beings can experience in a day. Helena goes on this huge self- discovery journey and it is so perfect and spot on. There’s no miracles or sudden happy endings. There’s actually very few happy endings. I hated Della with a passion, Kit was kind of a douche (don’t worry, Helena knows), and Neil was unbearable. I loved Greer, I think next to Helena she was my favorite. 

Conclusion: I literally was like “what the fuck. what the fuck. WHAT THE F U C K” throughout the entirety of the last twenty pages. It ended with such a surprise that I almost cried with happiness. I had felt disappointment settle in my chest sometime before then over how I thought it was going to end shortly before then. I flew through the last two chapters because I NEEDED TO KNOW. If you want a bold, relateable, quirky book that soothes pieces of your soul and then breaks them, this is the one for you! 

Carry on,

The Book Witch 


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