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So, I Heard You Like Ghost Stories

…and if you don’t then you probably like book reviews, which is something that I also post frequently! If you’re here for book reviews, then I’m terribly sorry but you’ll have to wait until Thursday. If you like ghost stories, you came on the right day.

I’ve been super sick and binge watching A Series of Unfortunate Events and reading Heir of Fire whenever my brain isn’t a foggy mess. I really like ASOUE and am happy that Jim Carey is no longer an issue, fight me. My mom says my camera should be here tomorrow and I’m S T O K E D because then I get to sign up for classes, yay!

I tried to capture some of my favorite things in this Bookstagram photo – Disney’s Haunted Mansion & Salem, MA. I’ve never been to Salem but its on the top of my bucket list and I actually specialized in the study of the witch trials while I majored in Anthropology. I have, however, been to the Haunted Mansion on Halloween and it was the shit. 10/10 would recommend.


As you’ve probably gathered, from my choice of reading material and also my interest in the occult, that I’m really down for creepy shit. Down, that is, until something makes me fall on my ass from a high amount of emotional distress.

This is one of the stories that I have that is actually scarier than the rest. The one that I’m sharing today happened at my fiance’s parents’ home when we lived there. My best friend, now sister-in-law, was also living there, in the bedroom next to mine. We spent a lot of time together because we were dating brothers and I think, if my memory served correctly, that the  boys were packing supplies for a camping trip while my sister and I hung out in her room.

My sister is also one of those people who attracts weird entities into her life but she usually ends up bringing in entities that aren’t… so… good. She’s totally not afraid of anything, except for dogs dying in movies, so nothing ever freaks her out. This was one of the few times that I’ve seen legitimate anxiety about something paranormal flicker in Sammy’s eyes, even though it was brief.

My sister’s room is on the second story of the Cotham residence. It is at the end of a straight hallway, so the end said hallway dumps right at her door. You have a clear view of all the other rooms from her bed. My mother-in-law had three cats and no dogs when I was living there. We tolerated the cats but we didn’t let them into our rooms. This one particular night all the cats were meandering in the hallway, just being weird and creepy like cats often are. Two of them, very social and not easily startled, looked up at the hallway ceiling and bolted. Sammy and I were like “Whatevs, cats are totally tiny aliens” and continued on with our conversation. The third cat, who’s normally skittish and nervous, was frozen in place, swishing her tail, and staring at the ceiling from the opposite end of the hallway.

At this point, we’re getting confused. This is very uncharacteristic behavior for these cats, they’re acting completely different than they normally do, but we shrugged it off. You know, like adults. We turned away from the weird behavior of the cat and the moment we did, this fucker ran away like it had been shot. I was holding my phone, or a book (probably a book), and I remember the distinct feeling of my body freezing from terror when I looked up.

My legs went completely numb, I shivered, and hot tears filled my eyes. There, in the hallway, on the ceiling, was a dark mass shaped like something horrible. It looked like an upside down Spider-Man, only its head was turned completely upside down. No scary snake tongue like Venom – just long, sinister limbs and blackness. I didn’t even have time to tell my sister because she looked up the very next second and jumped. What the fuck was that thing?! To this day, I still have no idea. It was gone almost as soon as it had appeared and I was so not about to go look for a potential demon. I’ve seen scary movies and I’m a fragile white girl – with the exception of Buffy, we don’t do so good on demon hunts. We screamed for the boys, they came upstairs, and still don’t believe us, even after seeing our shocked expressions. I had trouble sleeping that night. Sammy was fine, it takes a lot for something to spook her. I don’t think my sister brought that into our home. My theory is that it was probably the spirit of a less-than friendly relative who fed on the negativity and general dislike in the house. There was a lot of anger and sadness lingering at the Cotham’s. I won’t get into details today because its something I’d rather talk about later, but I will say that a lot of messed up shit went down when Jay was a kid.

If anyone has any ideas about my theory or another theory to explain the Spider-demon-fucker that would be super. My sister and I both saw it and still like to reminisce on the occasion, so I know that it wasn’t a dream or a hallucination. My mother-in-law has also has demon related stories to tell about her house so I’m leaning towards it being localized and not a spontaneous incident.

Carry on,

The Book Witch


3 thoughts on “So, I Heard You Like Ghost Stories

    • i have no idea, i’ve trying researching it but there’s so much contesting information out there – parapsychology is still such an underground field of study! I’m planning on going there with my friend next year and I’m SO stoked!

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