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new moons & fresh starts

Happy New Moon in Capricorn, everyone! I love earth signs; I actually collect Virgos. I strongly subscribe to the theory that people can be affected by the phases of the moon. Not everyone, mind you, but I know myself and several others turn into spontaneous disoriented messes when the moon is full. In addition to that lovely bit of extraterrestrial meddling, Mercury is in hella retrograde and I hate it. Last time when Mercury pulled this shit I was like “Oh, this isn’t too bad” while everyone else was running around me, chased by the flames of Hell. Now it’s my turn to be in a literal nightmare, apparently. My skin is broken out, my grandpa yelled at the mailman (which resulted in me having to go down to the Post Office and apologize on his behalf), my main job has experienced one of the busiest weeks since our last hot mess in August… the list goes on. I’m hoping when the New Year rolls around, it will get a bit calmer. Mercury is supposed to go back to normal on January 8th, which feels like its ten years away. Hear me out, I know a lot of people use Mercury in Retrograde as a scapegoat to be a dick – but I’m not like that, I promise. I’m more like “I’m going to need more naps than I normally do during the next three weeks”.

I’ve been working thirteen hour days, three times a week. What can I say, I’m kind of a hustler. Just kidding, I’m tired all the time and my feet hurt. Half of me is like “Yeah, you’re an independent woman! You work that grind!” and the other half is like “Please stop romanticizing this lifestyle, I forgot what my face looks like without dark cirlces”  I decided to decompress today by taking a lovely stroll through the aisles of Michael’s and setting aside some time for a DIY project.  I have been meaning to make my Aunt a sign as a thank-you for her latest work on my very difficult hair.

I meant to find some wooden plaques that were more on the pale side, so that I could paint over them, but I ended up with these rustic boards instead.

tonya sign boards.JPG

I definitely prefer the stained coloring more than the bleached variety and these are made for hanging.

tonya board finish.jpgNot a super complex project, just some hot glue and paint! I played with several mediums on the first board to get the kind of text I wanted and ended up with a stencil, a marker, and some glitter. At the end, I was pretty stoked with how it turned out. I love my aunt – she’s an inspiration, a daily reminder to hustle and be myself.

Okay, so I’ve always wanted to do a “What’s in my bag?” post on a blog. I am obsessed with “Whats in my bag?” and I would 100% buy a book that’s just pictures of random junk people carry around. I think it’s like my addiction to personality quizzes and psychoanalyzing everyone I meet – what better way to learn about someone than to look through their shit? My purse is a tangible summary of my personality – dark and edgy on the outside, full of nerd and feelings on the inside.

Without further ado, the contents of my bag…

whats in my bag.jpgFor the record – Yes, my family does hate me. No one wants to carry or lift my purse. I tote around far too many books for someone my size, in all honesty.

I also have my two little zipper bags, which no one understands, but they have the purpose of keeping my shit protected! I put chargers, my headphones, (I’m one of those people who don’t function very well if we can’t work or walk around with music playing; I’m really cranky before Blink-182 and coffee in the mornings), my very cute magnetic bookmarks, and a picture of my grandparents in the Slytherin (I made that!) bag; the Pisces bag gets my Bellatrix planner and the two little “Goals” and “Inspiration” notebooks. The other notebooks get to fend for themselves.

I always carry around at least two books and a Kindle – right now my current read is This Savage Song and my writing project is the 52 Lists of Happiness. 

Other than that, I have some bobby pins, Bath and Body Works spray, crystals, hand lotion, lip-gloss and tarot cards. You know, the essentials.

Please, please share your WIMB with me. I hope that doesn’t come off as creepy. I am just super fascinated by people’s everyday items.

The 30 Days of Book Reviews starts in two days! Check back in on the 1st of January for my review of Carry On! 

Happy New Year

The Book Witch


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