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Hello, my darlings.

I’m really excited to tell you about some upcoming projects that I’ll be working on. Remember when I was like “I’m a jack of all trades!” – I’m fairly certain that in about 40 years I’ll be that little old lady who lives in a cabin, has purple hair, rescues every dog I see, and people will say things like “Oh, you need an embroidered towel but all you have to trade is a vintage necklace made from parrot bones? Come, I’ll take you to… Granny Book Witch!” I’ll have a million varieties of loose leaf tea and invite people over for baked goods and a breath of solitude.

I had a really great, quiet Christmas. I love quiet holidays. A quiet holiday means hot coffee and sweatpants, which are two main components essential to my sanity. I drove down to Pilot Hill, California on the 23rd – a two & a half hour drive from where I live – to see my family. My mom’s (adopted mom, my other mother) sister lives in this area that could come straight from a Tolkien novel. There had been weather warnings all week about a storm coming through Donner Pass (the highway that California & Nevada residents use to visit one another) but I am the most stubborn person ever and nothing was going to stop me from seeing my family. it took three chain control stops and my makeup practically melting off from stress (I hate driving; I have terrible road rage and whenever my car catches on ice, I die a little inside), but I made it.


It was a breath-taking drive, both ways. I am so in love with snow and all things winter. I would live in a town of year-round frozen delights if my fiance wasn’t Mr. Heatmiser. Hot weather is unnatural and it makes me cranky. 

I was trapped in bumper to bumper traffic for four hours on the way home, but it was fine. I didn’t kill anyone, I just screamed until my voice went away. My dad and Uncle Jim did me a serious solid and put new tires on my run-down SUV so it had a little more prowess on the black ice (in comparison to how it normally behaves). It was such a kind, generous gesture… I’m really bad when it comes to automobiles and Jason’s been telling me that I need new tires for months – but my extent of mechanical knowledge is limited to the facts that I use my steering wheel to turn, I push on the pedals when I want to go or not go, and blinkers are very, very important.

If it wasn’t snowing, it was raining. It was one of the best Christmas Eve’s that I’ve ever had.

FullSizeRender (17).jpg

I had a really great Christmas Eve with my in-laws & my Papa, as well. It was all-in-all a very calm and relaxed weekend. I usually end up going to family parties and hating myself for a few hours on Christmas. I am not an individual who does well with large groups. Big surprise there, huh? But this year was different and I’m considerably less frazzled than I normally am after the holidays.

I’m very, very happy because my family knows me so well, and all their gifts are going to really help me improve as a person. My mother ordered me a camera that’s supposed to be here in late January and I intend on signing up for all the classes that I can possibly squeeze into. Come springtime, prepare yourselves for my book-blogger game to be upped. My sister gave me a candle making kit – so I plan on making bookish candles. I plan on making a Malfoy, Donia (Wicked Lovely), and Simon/Baz (Carry On) candles as soon as I figure out where to buy my scents. I also really want to make custom labels – if anyone has suggestions for software that I should use, please give me a little insight. My mom-in-law gave me a calligraphy kit – I fucking love calligraphy – and I’m stoked to get started on that. Maybe I’ll design my candle labels by hand… because I am a never ending storm of crafting and books. I also received a beginner’s embroidery kit and if I can, I’m going to be taking classes on that, too. My mom made me a beautiful, custom apron that makes me inspired to make shit whenever I look at it.

So, I did! Make shit, I mean.

I went to Target last night – a terrible financially decision, really – in search of a serving tray. I love serving trays and vintage jewelry boxes almost as I love refurbishing them. I found this drab dude on sale – $10 for a world of DIY potential.

stage 1.JPGI took him home, lined the inside with some mermaid fabric, and wrote a quote with a stencil and a fabric marker.

stage-2It took all of 30 minutes to complete & then I filled it up with all kinds of happy things.


This little project turned out really cute and I’m happy that I stretched my creative wings instead of leaving it and worrying about messing up. Sometimes, you just gotta take that leap.

I also ended up finding a copy of Fangirl, my biography, and it’s a collector’s addition. It matches my new recipe box from my dad and mom!


I’m goinng to set a schedule of posting every Tuesday and Thursday from here on out AND throughout the whole month of January, I’ll be doing a book review every day. That’s right, thirty book reviews. I’ve read way more than thirty books in my life so that’s not the issue, the issue is articulating how I feel about each novel without sounding repetitive. I’m going to be breaking each book down into specific aspects and giving them an individual rating. One of my 2017 goals is to be way more involved in my Goodreads community & I think that starting here will be a great way to do that.

If you have any advice for beginner DSLR photographers, I’d love to hear what you have to say. I’d love to hear what anyone has to say, I love my readers! You’re the most attractive and intelligent readers in the world.

Stay tuned for more, best wishes

The Book Witch



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