short days, short poems 

If you’ve read and subsequently loved any books about Fey creatures, you’ve probably picked a Court. Whether it be Seelie or Unseelie, a seasonal court, or a time of day – the politics and systems of faeries are intricate & deadly. 

I wrote a little blurb (on the fly) in regards to my court, Winter. I hope you all find a Court that you love as much as your Hogwarts house. I sure did & if writing prose about it isn’t a big enough indication of my pride, I should be ashamed. 

The Winter Court; a land marked by its pervasive love of baths & hot tea 

a deep understanding of death thrives here, as winter itself is the embodiment of rest and endings 

you will find fey with cutting eyes, wings with sharpened tips, & wicked grins 

winter is the yin; the dark side of humanity, the misunderstood, the outcasts 

it takes a long time to melt the guard of a Winter fey but they are warmer on the inside than the dog days of summer 

gain the trust of a winter fey & you’ll never be alone – they live in the shadows of tree branches and come creeping up like snowstorms 

they cherish books, shrewdness, oddities 

let a winter fey into your life and know the ocean on a December night, know the sound of a wolf’s howl and the flight of the raven 

give them poetry & space, draw them baths and swaddle them in their sleep 

the Winter Court has the strangest magic, but one of the strongest. 


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