come one, come all

This is the third blog that I’ve started this year. The first one was a project with my sister – she needed a place to decompress and I knew that she wouldn’t sit down to unload her brain if I didn’t, as well. Neither of us sat down more than twice in the span of six months. The next blog I started was a pre-wedding beauty and fitness blog. I’m on this fantastic journey to be my physical best before September 9th, 2017 (298 days, but who’s counting?) – I thought recording my discoveries and progress was going to inspire me to keep going. Four posts and a very deep sense of ignorance later, I stopped working on that blog, too.

I kept running my failed blog attempts through my mind, picking them apart and trying to understand what went so horribly wrong. Was I disappointed that my sarcasm never seems to translate well over text? Are my photo taking skills so sub-par that I couldn’t bare to put them on the internet? Was I afraid to get married?! 

None of these explanations – and about fifty more – seemed to be a light-bulb moment. So, for months I believed that I would never be able to enjoy being a blogger.

My “aha!” realization happened when I contemplated starting a paranormal / book review YouTube channel. Cue the 80’s movie record scratch, yup, that’s me. Why should I start a new project that I’m totally uncomfortable with – you think sarcasm translates poorly over a written platform, try listening to me speak into a camera – when I hadn’t even tried writing about something I actually enjoyed.

What was missing from my first two blog attempts? Passion. It’s that simple! I’m not a “let’s talk about our days” conversationalist and I’m certainly not a beauty or fitness blogger so why was I masquerading as something that I’m not? Sure, I’m still trying to kick ass on my pre-wedding health journey (298 DAYS BUT WHO’S COUNTING HAHA) and if you ask me about my day you’ll probably regret it after the first “Ugh, so this bitch…”. But, by no means do I enjoy writing about those topics. I felt like a meddler. This is not to discourage anyone from pursuing a new hobby or goal, by any means. I, personally, am not an individual who sticks to a new adventure if I’m not interested in the bones of the topic. Call me a quitter, but I know what I like. To give you all some insight on my interests, here’s a comprehensive list of things that I’m “good at”:

  • using a Harry Potter reference in every conversation
  • buying an absurd amount of books / book related items
  • looking at someone’s birth chart and saying “Oh, OKAY, so that’s why you’re like this”
  • self-identifying as the love child of John Mulaney, Chandler Bing, & Morticia Addams
  • fighting anyone who f*^%s with my sister or my dog
  • having a fiance who’s very annoyed with the large quantity of candles in our home (but BAAABBE it’s pumpkin sppppiiiicccee)
  • eating an ungodly amount of grilled cheese from Grateful Gardens
  • drinking a gallon of coffee or approx. 5 lattes per 24 hour period
  • watching documentaries on morbid topics (serial killers! The Black Dahlia! Amityville!)
  • obsessing over future additions to my sleeve
  • attracting paranormal phenomenon
  • collecting oddities – crystals, bones, pretty fabrics, notebooks, children’s Halloween movies, assorted teas
  • DIY projects
  • plotting Halloween costumes & Christmas gifts in June
  • falling in love with fictional characters
  • crying (usually over dogs or fanfiction)
  •  being cranky in the months surrounding October – January
  • surprising myself with how much of an old lady I am

If you don’t like topics that deal with unusual concepts, this blog isn’t for you

If you’ve never read a book and felt a sadness settle deep into your bones at the end, this blog isn’t for you

If you shy away from topics like marriage and relationships, this blog isn’t for you

If you don’t like sarcasm, sass, or dark humor – I recommend leaving now.

I hope everyone is as excited for this new adventure as I am; please stay tuned, there will be so much more to come.

Thanks for stopping by,

The Book Witch





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